Kids’ Christmas Party Update!

Hello everyone.  We’re looking forward to seeing you at our annual family Christmas party in December.  This year Marcee T. is in charge of our craft time.  We will be making a craft that can stay in the family or be given away as a gift, what a deal!
For this craft each participating child will need to bring two things: a jar of some sort with a lid.  It can be a spaghetti, salsa, or Marcee’s favorite because it’s plastic, a mayonnaise jar.  And in the jar a dollar to cover the cost of supplies purchased for making a Cranberry Christmas cookie recipe.  We will also make accompanying personal tags to attach to our gifts.  As we are planning on supplies for 80 jars, no need to rsvp, unless you’re bringing more than 10 kids to take part. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
P.S.  For all you crafty families out there with lots of ribbon, bells, beads, sharpies, different kinds of scissors and three hole punches Marcee would like to hear from you.  Please let her know here if you can bring some of these items so we have a good amount of supplies for the personalized tags.  We will probably need about four/five families to bring these items.  Thanks!

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