Moms’ Night Out!

Reminder that TONIGHT, Tuesday May 30, is Moms’ Night Out at the Beloit Library! Join us for this private book sale just for us! This is a great opportunity to find your treasures for a fraction of the cost. Meet in the lobby at 6:25 to enter the private book room. Hope to see you there!!!


2 thoughts on “Moms’ Night Out!

  1. I have never been to one of these events as this is was our first year homeschooling. Is this cash only? How much should I be ready with? I have my list ready!


    1. Hello. Ok, so when it comes to this mom’s night out you do bring money with you. I wasn’t able to be at this one this year but last year’s I went and spent $15. I got alot of books for that price. I’m sorry I’m just getting back to you, this outing happened last night. We will have other moms night out in the future. Please stay tuned as for it will be posted on here when another one comes up.



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