Monthly Meeting

Welcome everyone to our monthly reminder for this month’s meeting. Join us tomorrow night Feb, 6th at 7pm in Rm 221 at Central Christian Church in Beloit, Wi

This month we will be discussing upcoming possible opportunities within our group and much more. See you tomorrow night.


One thought on “Monthly Meeting

  1. Hi all! Your newbie mom Anika here! I wanted to get y’all info on my status! I am waiting to hear back from my sources about insurance from our group… and I seem to be failing at the roller skating thing.. plagued with illness, and not hearing back from them.. alas, I hope to converse with them soon.. sorry to be such a dud… I hope to have more fruit for my labors soon! I wish so very much that I could be with you all this evening, sad to say, I must meet with my littlest child’s teacher and staff for parent teacher conferences… I like the home schooling parent teacher conferences far better.. me, my self and I meeting over coffee… in quiet solitude..hmmmm as if! Blessings to all! -Anika


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